KIDS FIRST! Junior Film Critics Curriculum
Becoming a Film Critic

SESSION ONE: Becoming a Film Critic - What a Film Critic Does
Time: 60 minutes

A. Welcome transparency up.
Registration and sign in.
Housekeeping & agenda posted, cover breaks, snacks, bathroom location, no-smoking, confidentiality, etc.

B. Introductions
Facilitator introduces self
Introduce KIDS FIRST!; show book, web site page (use transparency)
Participants introduce themselves and say why they came.

C. What is the Junior Film Critics course? (description and handout)
Junior Film Critics goals (use transparency)
How we'll meet them (use transparency)
Let's Go! A good critic has many opinions, knows their likes and dislikes, and beliefs... and can express their reasons clearly. How about you.

D. Conduct a personal media survey.
"Let's see what our personal opinions of media are today. We'll do it again after our last meeting."

E. Conduct a partner media survey.
Use media cards. Now let's compare what we think about media with what others think.
Find a partner with the same card. Share with each other your thoughts about the topic on the card.
Write a few on board. Discuss group similarities, differences.

F. What do you know about film critics?
Can you name some film critics? (Leonard Maltin, Kermit, Nick Jr., Rober & Ebert
Tell me what you think a film critic does in his or her job. Write on board.
Use Film Critic transparency to compare with kids' input.
What's in a review? Write input on the board.
Use What's in a Review transparency and compare with kids' ideas.

G. Media Log
Introduce the media log (Use handout) as a weekly record of your viewing habits.

H. Homework: Volunteer reads assignments
Media log. Kids will be writing down all the media they watch during the week.
Write your first review. Select a program from your media log.
Focus on who you think would enjoy this program and why.
Remember . . . (Your Review Guidelines)

OPTIONAL: Compare Reviewers. Look for reviews by different reviewers about a current movie, tv show, or video that's rated for your age. Examine the differences between the reviews, how they each described the program. Which review did you relate to most and why? Watch the program yourself and compare your own thoughts about it with what the pros have said.

Workshop Cover
Why Media Literacy


Session 2


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