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cheyenne nguyen
Cheyenne Nguyen and Nick Cannon

Cheron BaynaThank you KIDS FIRST! for all that you do!  It has been a wonderful journey being a juror with you.  Our family does not have TV; we just watch videos. This experience has enabled us to watch some videos that we would have never been exposed to. We are not just sitting back and watching, we are communicating about the shows we watch.  Now watching videos is a whole new experience with our children!  Before picking up a video at the rental place I always look at the KIDS FIRST! endorsed title list to see what would be best for my children.  Its great to know that I can always trust what videos are on your site to be safe for my children's eyes and ears! Cheron B.








"It is very cool that I, as a kid, can have influence on other kids and parents on what movies that they buy. I have learned about how important the content of the films are and how many great movies there are for kids."

Photo by Linda Carfagno

Morgan Freeman
Gerry Orz and Keefer Blakeslee
interviewing Morgan Freeman




Are you a kid, age 8 to 18 who ...

  • Love, really love films?
  • Love talking about the latest films?
  • Envision yourself talking on the Red Carpet?
Our KIDS FIRST! Film Critics are some of the best recognized youth reporters in the country.

Our KIDS FIRST! Film Critics attend press screenings, red carpets and other press events surrounding the release of a new film.
You can join our awesome national team by entering our National Search. Tell us about yourself and send a sample review of any film recently released in both written and videotaped format.
Show us your stuff! We're always looking for new kids to join our team and help others decide what films they want to spend their hard earned money on. enter here

Click here for details on joining our national KIDS FIRST! Film Critics Team.


For kids who have completed the KIDS FIRST! Film Critics Boot Camp, please pay your registration fee here for your remote training.

Parents, Teachers, Concerned Adults

Concerned about what your kids watch on TV
Or at the Movies?
Help us help others determine what is suitable or unsuitable for their kids. Join our Adult Jury!

Join our KIDS FIRST! Adult Jurors

KIDS FIRST! evaluates, rates and endorses children's films, DVDs, CDs, TV shows, apps and games using volunteer, community-based juries of adults and children from diverse backgrounds. To ensure consistency in these evaluations, every juror must complete our Film Critics training program. This course is designed to teach adults how to evaluate and critique children's media using criteria developed specifically for KIDS FIRST! Every KIDS FIRST! endorsed title has been approved by both our adult and child jurors.

Fundamental to the KIDS FIRST! mission is teaching children critical viewing skills. By participating in the KIDS FIRST! Juror program, children learn to make their use of media a positive one; one that enhances their cognitive, social and behavioral skills and cultivates a healthy media lifestyle.

Join our Volunteer Jury!

A. For youths wanting to join our jury, not our film critics:
1. Fill out our Volunteer Form Here.
2. Read our tips on creating reviews.
3. Send us a sample review:

B. For adults wanting to join our jury:
1. Fill out our Volunteer Form Here.
2. Then, read our juror's manual.
3. Send us a sample review of a current film, rated PG-13 or younger.

C. For active Jurors:
Evaluation forms are here.

D. Wonder who our Jurors are?
Here are some of their bios.

Steven Spielberg
Gagriella Chu interviewing
Steven Spielberg
Gerry Orz, Rio 2
Gerry Orz at Rio 2 premiere
Mel Brooke, Keefer Blakeslee
Keefer Blakeslee
interviewing Mel Brooks

KIDS FIRST! is a project of the Coalition for Quality Children's Media, a national, nonprofit (501-c-3) organization founded in 1991 that is a voluntary collaboration between the media industry, educators and child advocacy organizations. The mission of the Coalition is: 1) To teach children to become critical media users and; 2) To increase the visibility and availability of quality children's media.

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Coalition for Quality Children's Media
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