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What to know: Speckles and Crumbs think Katy the caterpillar is too ugly to be their friend, but not Annie.
Recommended age 5-8
23 minutes
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Liked it. "This show taught us how to treat others nicely and to not worry about how others look. We should always be nice and friendly to others and think about how they act, not how they look." "I would watch it again with my friends. They would like it because they like bugs and stories about friendship." There was an ugly bug who some of the other bugs said was too ugly. Annie said it was okay, that it didn't matter how you looked, and she became the caterpillar's friend. Then, the caterpillar turned into a butterfly." "Some of the other bugs weren't nice to the caterpillar but Annie didn't care, she was her friend anyway." "I liked the pictures from the book."
The Ugly Caterpillar is a great book about how to treat others. Through this video, the author reads the story and also discusses the importance of treating others equally, not based on outward appearances, and as you would like others to treat you. It teaches lessons about kindness, fairness and equality throughout the story, the discussion and also the songs. The DVD comes with an outreach guide for parents and caregivers. The questions and answers throughout the reading of the book give the audience immediate feedback about what's happening in the story and what should happen. Endearing and colorful characters have great child appeal who are fascinated with the insect world and the changing of the caterpillar into a butterfly. The format of this video is quite wonderful. Viewers get to see the book close up with nice background music and then meet the author, Mr. Sommer, who stops his reading and has a conversation with a group of children onscreen. The kids ask questions that typically would also be asked by viewers and they seem very natural and unscripted. Very lovely.
Speckles and Crumbs think Katy the caterpillar is too ugly to be their friend, but not Annie. When Katy is transformed into a beautiful butterfly, they learn about true beauty and friendship. Based on the book by Carl Sommer.
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