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What to know: A groundbreaking series that celebrates cultures of the world with heart and humor.
Recommended age 5-12
62 minutes
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The youngest children seemed to enjoy and engage in the series best. Older kids understood the story content better. Kids relate to the young animated characters. "I like how they talk to each other." "It has happy music." "Tubby calls the children names, one girl is snobby to the others, most of them are nice." The children enjoyed most of the episodes. The youngest commented and asked questions throughout and it held their attention. Some kids said they were "bored" while others wished there were more episodes to watch.
This series focuses on children from different cultures who make up America and the challenges they face growing up surrounded by different beliefs and customs. As they share and explore what makes them unique, they begin to also understand how much they are alike. "Peanuts" like characters and animation are nostalgic for adults, but may be a bit too stiff by today's standards. Adults like the "old school" use of sounds to connote action. Much of the dialogue seemed forced, but with a positive message. Accentuates the value of effort as opposed to perfection. Some adults enjoyed getting to know the characters better with each episode.
A groundbreaking series that celebrates cultures of the world with heart and humor. Watch these friends as they learn that not matter where you are from or what food you eat. Everyone can be a hero!
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