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What to know: In the middle of nowhere there lies a peaceful little community called Hermitville.
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Recommended age 5-12
8 minutes
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The Little Hermit desperately wants to see what the world outside of Hermitville is like so he embarks on a journey to discover exactly what is outside his "middle of nowhere" town. In the end, Little Hermit learns there is no place like home - a message we all can relate to. The narrator's voice is one of the most pleasant I've heard in some time. This is not full range animation. Instead, brightly colored illustrations are panned giving you a sense of movement. Its strength is in its storyline and its message about not taking what you have for granted. My only issue would be the portrayal of violence in the "big city", implicating the idea that the big city was to be feared. This would be a good talking point - and certainly big cities do have some violence, but so do small towns. We shouldn't encourage bias against big cities.
In the middle of nowhere there lies a peaceful little community called Hermitville. The Great Grand Wise Old Hermit warns his fellow hermits to avoid the strange land over the horizon. Hermy, a curious little hermit, sets off on his journey in search of this strange land.
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