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What to know: Once upon a time there never was Samarion, a small girl.
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Recommended age 5-12
12 minutes
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Sweet short film from Germany. Very little narrative, beautiful images, beautiful children. Both little girls are absolutely charming. Very innocent and spiritual in a kind of way. Sub-titled but so simple it hardly needs the words defined. Subtitles were a bit rough, but the story was lovely.
Once upon a time there never was Samarion, a small girl. Pretty and sweet and playful. When she left home to buy bread one day, she sketched the Ley-Ley game along the way. And found another girl with whom she could play. She bought bread and fruit from the baker story and on her way home an old dervish she saw. She gave plenty of fruit and bread to the man and skipping and dancing homewards she ran.
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