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What to know: People on the street are speaking.
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Recommended age 12-18
5 minutes
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A well meant message in a medium many kids understand - rap message. Other than asking people to put down their techno gadgets, it doesn't offer any real solutions. It does offer a call to action for people to help one another. Kids who like rap music would like this. Some might relate to the story about the family who was doing well and now with the economic downturn cannot afford to pay their bills. It refers to a kid at school who is treated badly because he is now poor. Might make some kids in similar circumstances feel less alone. Pretty good production quality, dark in places. It conveys a serious problem in society showing the meanness and sadness without focusing on images too disturbing to watch.
People on the street are speaking. Can you hear them? People are down on their luck. Can you see them? Exploring the present economic hardships through one family, this music video calls out: put down the tech toys and help those around you in need.
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