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What to know: "Takam" is a small and beautiful village in north of Iran .
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Recommended age 12-18
90 minutes
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Beautiful film, some aspects of it a bit too difficult for younger children to deal with. An educated teacher moves to a poor rural town in Iran to teach the children and the run-down schoolhouse. He and the kids fix up the school and the teacher inserts himself as a helpful member of the community. But when the man who has been taking advantage of these people sees that he is being exposed and feels threatened by this man's presence (including the interest of a young widow), he seeks to run him out of town in a most desperate manner. Shows the good, the bad and the glimmer of hope through it all. A lovely snapshot of humanity giving us an interesting insight into rural life in Iran. Well acted, very realistic with beautiful scenes of the Iranian countryside.
"Takam" is a small and beautiful village in north of Iran .A new teacher moves to the village and tries to educate children in a different ways such as making shift the class to the nature and outside the building. Morad is wealthy and he has been taking advantage of the rural people. Morad is fall in love with Setareh, a young widow, but Setareh does not like him and she is interested in the teacher. Morad acts jealously to him and tries to get ride of him. He fires the school house in think of the teacher is inside of the class but he noticed that his son is caught in the fire .Suddenly the teacher arrives and help the son and saves him from the fire, but he lost his artificial foot.In this occasion the people find that he is a handicapped and he lost his foot during the Iran-Iraq war. Finally the teacher decides to leave Setareh and the school so all the people can live in peace.
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