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What to know: Genius.
Recommended age 12-18
52 minutes
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I thought it was kind of slow. I liked seeing the excerpts from the Muppets. It was interesting seeing the bits and pieces of what they had done. I liked seeing the different shows that Jim Henson was working on. I don't think my friends would like it because it was slow. They might watch it in school. My friends aren't into puppetry so I don't think they would be interested. Even if they were into puppetry, it told more about Jim Henson than on the puppets so they wouldn't have learned much. Even though it was slow, the camera work and audio were very well done. My favorite part was when they describe the characters and how they did them. I like acting and it was interesting to see how they act with their voice and with a puppet. I loved when they talked about which characters were easiest and hardest.
It might not hold everyone's attention in this documentary format, but if you love the Muppets or are fascinated with puppetry, then this is a great DVD for you. Learn why Kermit is so appealing, and view the magical dynamics on set as the Muppet Show is filmed. In this fascinating DVD, you can learn the story behind the stories.
Genius. That's one word used to describe the mastermind behind the Muppets that we know and love today. This DVD shows the journey and progression of Jim Henson's creative mind.
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