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What to know: Animated adaptation of Joyce Dunbar's classic stories about practical Mouse and capricious Mole.
Recommended age 32-4
50 minutes
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Children enjoyed watching the episodes, they watched in attention and giggled at parts. Some of the British humor did not relate well for young children, but they loved the physical comedy present. After viewing, one three-year-old ran outside and caught a leaf - specifically motivated by the story. "It's funny and I like the mouse."
Engaging, low-key title that offers parents a choice of programming that is fitting to young children's lives but also transports them to a sweet little world of charming, off-beat animal "uncles" , whose daily travails are similar to that of a young child. The episodes are self-contained, but together they give an opportunity to get to know the characters and share their curiosities and troubles. Creates a cozy and sweet world with humorous and charming little scrapes and conflicts for the characters, such as what to do with the mess one doesn't want to clean up or what to do with a blooming daffodil. Each episode is five minutes long and structured around a single dilemma, such as whether to hang in a hammock before one has tested its ability to hold weight. Offers good emotional and social elements by taking on the small obstacles of life that children face, finds humor and reveals how friends can help you work through life's challenges. Entertaining, with humor that both kids and adults can enjoy.
Animated adaptation of Joyce Dunbar's classic stories about practical Mouse and capricious Mole. The two help each other navigate through difficulties, playfully exploring the joys and complexities of friendship. Voices by Alan Bennett and Richard Briers.
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