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What to know: Julia, a lonely foster child, comes to stay with a temporary family over the Christmas holidays.
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Recommended age 8-12
103 minutes
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Julia, an emotionally wounded foster child who does not speak is taken in by a family that is considering adopting her, but Julia is a troubled young girl with a history of multiple foster families. On Christmas Day, out in the woods, the son of the family and his cousin shoot a rabbit with their new BB guns and break its leg. Julia adopts the rabbit and learns to care for Rumples from the local "bunny" lady. Caring for Rumples helps Julia understand what it is like to be cared for and she gradually open up to her new family and begin speaking. There seem to be hundreds of rabbits in the "bunny" lady's barn and Julia becomes more outgoing as she cares for the animals. The message of the story is very real. There is a lot of hurt in the world and things don't always magically get fixed. But, with love and patience, things do improve eventually. The children who watched this thought it was a great story with a good lesson. They enjoyed the rabbit and related to the girl who reminded them of a foster child in their own household. The film runs 103 minutes with multiple plots, including an out of work father.
Julia, a lonely foster child, comes to stay with a temporary family over the Christmas holidays. When the family finds a lost, injured rabbit, Julia learns to care for it. As the new year begins, Julia deals with the heartache of a mother who breaks her promises, the struggles of being a family and the pain of potential loss when the rabbit's irresponsible owner is found. Staring Florence Henderson.
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