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What to know: A young soccer player is taken somewhere he never imagine.
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Recommended age 8-12
35 minutes
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Africa seems so far away to a young boy growing up in Brooklyn but the opportunity to go there is lost on the young man in this story. Efe's parents are separated, and struggling with their relationship but the Dad support's his wife's decision to take their son to visit her homeland and we are treated to a first-hand glimpse into the local culture from someone who grew up there. With a sound track of local music, we see Efe meet his African relatives and see him bond with his cousin over soccer which also is his key to meeting other kids in the area. Anyone who watched the World Cup this summer can appreciate the role that soccer plays with African kids. It does contain some profanity, but not excessive. We do see Efe videoconferencing with his Dad back in the states as he plots his parents' reconciliation.
A young soccer player is taken somewhere he never imagine. This film is a fictional story following a hesitant young soccer player from Brooklyn to his mother's homeland in Africa during a summer vacation. During his time there, he tries to get his parents back together. Upon doing this, his mother discovers what she has lost in Abidjan. Efe, the lead character is a selfish soccer prodigy who will learn the values to team play and passing the ball.
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