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What to know: Heart-warming short about two boys in a boarding school.
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Recommended age 8-12
15 minutes
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This is a heart-warming short about two boys in a boarding school. The newcomer, Daniel, is smart, but worst of all, he's fast and is the first to beat Florian in a race. In the end, the two are applauded for good sportsmanship. The story is beautifully told. It is in German with English subtitles. The subtitles are easy to read but the translation isn't always accurate. Still, one could watch this film without subtitles and understand what is happening. Lovely acting, realistic locations, excellent camera work, believable dialogue and characters.
Florian has always been "number one" at school, but Daniel, the new kid in school, has the one thing Florian does not - a loving family. Even worse, Daniel has beaten Florian in the one thing he had never lost at - running.
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