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What to know: Very kid friendly, easy to watch, follow and understand.
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Recommended age 5-12
4 minutes
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This college student film, using 2D animation has a classic feel to it, unique in its artistic style. Two evil witches try to brew up something, only to be foiled when a black cat emerges from the cauldron and shakes off its black to reveal its true pink color and happy attitude. Disappointed, the witches try to figure out what is wrong and one is turned into good via magic dust. The other tries to escape the spell. Very clever how the dark witch house is transformed into a bright and happy place. There are instances of animal cruelty such as butterflies being squashed on the wall, a frog twisted and broken before adding to the cauldron but - they are all done in animation and tongue-in-cheek. Non- narrative with background sound that enhances it. Very kid friendly, easy to watch, follow and understand.
A sisterhood of evil witches must avoid getting possessed by the goodness that surrounds them, before it's too late.
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