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What to know: This film blends animation with live action to tell its story.
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Recommended age 8-12
9 minutes
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This film blends animation with live action to tell its story. A college student production, it's well done, with great visuals, lighting and audio. The storyline delivers a somewhat silly message about eating your vegetables. A young boy does not want to eat his mashed potatoes and brussel sprouts. They come to life and threaten to eat him instead. His food-friendly super-hero comes to help and they win in the end when the boy summons the courage to eat his food. The animation is a little scary, threatened by mashed potatoes with gravy running out of him, and I wouldn't recommend it for a child under 5-years-old. The animation was very unique and melded well with the live-action scenes. The final moral is that you will be strong if you eat healthy food, but it's kind of silly and adults will find some of the mashed potato dialogue amusing.
Doomed to sit at the dinner table until his plate is clean, little Trevor reaches to the depths of his imagination to overcome the dreaded potato monster and his evil minions. Animation and live action.
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