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What to know: It took me to the end to figure this one out.
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Recommended age 8-18
10 minutes
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It took me to the end to figure this one out. A girl is informed that her father won't be returning from the war and is sad she never had the chance to say good-bye. In a dream-like state, she runs into a young boy playing with toy soldiers, and spends an amazing day playing with him. It is her chance to say good-bye and then be able to get on with her life. It's enjoyable watching the two children interacting. Good acting, very believable, well produced. The background music really serves it well and carries the story forward. The scenes of the kids enjoying themselves are joyful and uplifting.
What if you had one more day with the one you lost? Christina is a little girl who just lost her father and never had a chance to say goodbye. By using her imagination, she has one more day to tell him what's going on in her heart.
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