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22 minutes
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This is sort of a reality film from Amsterdam showing three young teen boys who take a vacation without any adults. They travel by boat and though they don't encounter any major hardships, it is a nice portrayal of what friendship can be. We also get a glimpse of Amsterdam and its canals. We see them dealing with handling the boat, figure out how to pitch a tent, and deal with every day living logistics. The boys are not afraid to confide in one another and help each other overcome their fears. They listen to one another and behave responsibly. Unfortunately, there are several times they use the "F" word. The language of the film is Dutch but it is subtitled so you see the word in the subtitles.
Fourteen-year-old Sem, and his friends Berend and Max, have decided to go on a summer vacation without their parents for the fist time. With a small motorboat they go out to explore the world. It will be a trip which will put their friendship to the test. They have to conquer setbacks and learn freedom comes with responsibilities. For the first time they make their own choices and the boys definitely don't agree on everything. Sem tries to keep the group together, but carries a secret within him which could change everything.
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