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What to know: This movie totally dispels every myth you have ever heard of regarding sharks.
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Recommended age 6-12
44 minutes
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"I love this documentary. It is really great. My favorite part of the documentary is when the audience gets to meet Emma, the 14 foot long tiger shark. I liked Emma because she was not really fierce or deadly and became friends with Jim Abernethy. Jim Abernethy is a professional diver and shark advocate.
The main characters in this movie are Emma, the tiger shark, Jim Abernethy, Wyland, and Dr. Guy Harvey. The documentary is about saving the sharks in the Bahamas and Florida. George Schellenger is the producer of this movie and I recently got to meet him as well as the other talent from the film at the Newport Beach Film Festival.
At the Newport Beach Film Festival, I had the chance to interview George, Jim, Guy, and Wyland. They are really great people and it was awesome to meet them. I got to learn more about sharks. I learned that there are about 450 species of sharks and that they are in danger because people keep killing them. The documentary shows us about the sharks and how people need to stop killing them.
I would recommend this movie for ages eight and up. Kids that are too young wouldn't really understand the movie and the importance of saving the sharks. You should see this movie and become a youth ambassador for the oceans and sharks, just like me!
Credit: Anthony Aranda, age 8, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic
This movie totally dispels every myth you have ever heard of regarding sharks. The idea of sharks being not simply scary predators who want nothing more than to attack humans in the water is blown apart by Dr. Guy Harvey, sharkologist par none. According to Dr. Harvey, sharks "duty" is to rid the ocean of dead animals and when humans jump into the water without a wetsuit on, all the shark sees is white flesh which they are tuned in to believe signals a "dead" body. So fans, suit up if swimming in shark infested waters. Even if it doesn't change your thoughts about swimming with sharks it does change your mind about the temperament of them. The information about the wholesale killing off of sharks, though presented in a sensitive way, is enough to make you want to throw up. Killing any creature so heartlessly as they do sharks, is a practice that needs some examining. Wonderful underwater cinematography by George Schellenger. Perhaps a bit too much talking heads but it really is ground-breaking in terms of environmental film work. Kudos to all.
Three of the world's top artists shatter your perception of sharks. Emmy-awards winning producer George C. Schellenger takes you into the world of sharks through the eyes of Dr. Guy Harvey, Wyland and Jim Abernathy. Journey to the crystal clear waters of the Bahamas, one of the last shark sanctuaries on earth, to meet hundreds of sharks -- including a 14-foot tiger shark named Emma. Come face-to-face with sharks in ways you may not think possible. Narrated by Dr. Sylvia Earle; Directed by George C. Schellenger.
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