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What to know: An interesting reenactment of the Maurice Sendak story.
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Recommended age 8-12
13 minutes
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An interesting reenactment of the Maurice Sendak story. Hospitalized children do almost all the work, building creatures, filming and acting in this story. The sound is not perfect, with loud music and sometimes difficult-to-hear narration. I particularly enjoyed the end, unfortunately during the rolling of credits, where you finally get a look behind-the-scenes at how these kids created the film. The story is worthwhile and interesting. The visuals are fantastic at times. It would be interesting to see a film that tells more about how the project was created and get to know these kids better.
How do children deal with boredom, pain, anxiety and fear that is so often associated with a hospital visit? Over a period of 18 months working with over 100 pediatric patients, we explored this question using the classic children's book "Where The Wild Things Are" as the port of departure. Time and again the patients showed us that despite being confined to a bed and ivy poles, their inner life flourished as well as their latent creative energies which found profound expression in the props, sets, creatures, music and sound design of Wild Things.
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