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What to know: View the everyday activities of two families in Germany - one urban and one rural.
Recommended age 5-12
30 minutes
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"I love learning about Germany and following the kids through a day in their lives." "I like the castles." "Very interesting. I got a lot of information." "It is cool. I really like the handball part, because they don't play it here in America. I would like to play it." "I like that they tell about daily lives and not just special things." "I like that you can hear them speak in German, but the narration is in English." "This movie makes me think about what it would be like to live in Germany."
Getting a glimpse into the life of an average German child is a wonderful treat. Shows the life of two German families and what a typical day is like for them through the eyes of children. It is fun to see how life is both similar and different from our own, in Germany. The children in this film are good role models. Sophia is seven years old and does chores at the nearby farm. She also works hard practicing her guitar and supports her older sister by attending her choir performance. Ole is ten years old and is a hard worker. He helps to set the dinner table, washes dishes after dinner and does chores around the house. The background noise at the farm is a real treat and makes you feel as if you are really there. The locations are beautiful, they show the castles, the city where the Grimm brothers lived and the city of Berlin. Bound to broaden any viewers global perspective and understanding, full of real life current day cultural experiences and information about Germany's rich history. A great way to expose children to the culture of German families and show that they are not so different from those in the U.S.
View the everyday activities of two families in Germany - one urban and one rural. Eight-year-old Sophia lives with her parents, sister and brother in Reimershusen, a tiny town near Frankfurt. Ten-year-old Ole lives in Berlin with his parents and two brothers.
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