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What to know: View the everyday activities of two families in the tropical Philippines - one urban and one rural.
Recommended age 7-13
30 minutes
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They follow two different families in the Philippines. There is a girl and a boy and each describes his or her life and how they interact with society. The children enjoy the scenes of the beach, waterfalls and how they wash themselves. They wonder about things such as living without TV, like the rural family shown here. They like watching a full day of another child's life, to see what happens each hour of a typical day. Kids enjoy the music because it is so different from their own. Children seemed to learn a lot about a new culture. Absolutely engrossed in the DVD, the children compare their schools, uniforms, homes and food. "Can you believe that?" "Did you see that, it was sooo cool!" "I would love to do that." A hit with our group!
The story is given in the first person perspective, which is great because you get that first person sense of history happening. Gives children a better perspective on other cultures around the world. Very engaging and easy to follow. Includes a very detailed description of life in the Philippines for different families living in different areas. Provides a perspective on how others in the world live, work and go to school. Inspires you to learn more about the Philippines. Exceeded my expectations. The pace and content are exceptional, as each young narrator explains their country, through their eyes, and within a single day. The quality of the film engaged and inspired me to learn more. The children are delightful and it is interesting to see the contrast between the two families followed. The cultural lesson is easy to understand and provides an innovative way to teach history and culture.
View the everyday activities of two families in the tropical Philippines - one urban and one rural. Each lives on one of the country's 7000 islands. Khim lives with his grandparents on Cabu, and Shahani lives with her mother father and sister on Luzon.
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