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What to know: If you have ever doubted the power of community, this film will convince you otherwise.
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Recommended age 12-18
80 minutes
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Children as young as 7 are working in the fields as migrate workers. This is not in a 3rd world county, but in the United States. This film follows children who work in the fields with their parents and their struggles to complete their education and maintain friendships while working as migrant workers, traveling from farm to farm during the harvest. These workers are legal residents of the US, so this is not about immigration, but a powerful film about an issue that is not publicized. Kids in middle school and high school (and adults) will find this a disturbing issue of child labor. The film celebrates people that worked in the fields as young children, but completed their education and became successful business people and political figures, but should this practice be allowed? If you have ever doubted the power of community, this film will convince you otherwise.
Every year more than 400,000 American children are town away from their friends, schools and homes to pick the food we eat. Three of these children are profiled as they journey from farm to farm, to help their families make a living.
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