What Qualifies for KIDS FIRST! Endorsement?

Endorsed titles must meet or exceed our baseline criteria of submit

  • NO gratuitous violence or abuse
  • NO inappropriate sexual behavior
  • NO bias in terms of race, gender, culture or religion
  • NO condescension toward children
  • NO replicable unsafe behavior

Endorsed titles must be approved by both adult and children

Every endorsed title is rated on its

  • Appeal
  • Production value
  • Content
  • Social, development and educational benefits
  • And Given a One-, Two- or Three-star Rating.


Three stars are awarded titles with the highest scores

Two stars are awarded titles that receive medium scores

One star is awarded titles that receive lower scores, but still meet the KIDS FIRST! baseline criteria



KIDS FIRST! evaluates, endorses and rates films, Digital Media, TV shows, e-books, audio recordings and video games using volunteer community-based juries of adults and children.

To receive a KIDS FIRST! endorsement, the producer or distributor of the program must submit their product to KIDS FIRST! using our online application. There is a nominal fee, payable via PayPal or check.

The submitter must provide a link to an online screener if a film, TV show or digital media; online audio recordiings for audio submissions (or mail CDs to our office); pdf of an e-book (or mail 4 hard copies to our office).. Your application is not complete until the application form is submitted, payment is received and copies of the program are provided.   

Our evaluators include both adult and youth, of the appropriate age, based on your age recommendation. They use standardized evaluation tools that have been created by leading child development specialists and children's media specialists.

Our jurors are vastly diverse which allows us to obtain feedback from many different cultural groups.

The complete evaluation process takes approximately 30 to 45 days. For an additional fee, it can be expedited.

Upon completion of the evaluation, your title will be featured on the KIDS FIRST! website with a summary of both the adult and children's evaluation, plus it will be promoted on KIDS FIRST! social media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok. The total reach of these promotions is between 500,000 and 2,000,000.

If you have talent available to be interviewed, please let us know. We do video interviews that are featured on our YouTube Channel as well as our bi-weekly podcast, KIDS FIRST! Coming Attractions.


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