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What Do Parents of Our Critics Say?

Just wanted to let you know what an amazing experience KIDS FIRST! has been for Morgan, as well as, her family. We have been able to watch new movies every month. Morgan found a few favorites that she was watches over and over again. All the movie have been family friendly and we always look forward to getting them in the mail.

It has been a learning experience and taping reviews has had its challenges but the staff at KIDS FIRST! has always been there with helpful suggestions. Every month it has gotten a little easier. Morgan being only seven had her challenges but she loves doing it and has gotten much better at it.

Ranny has been amazing with her wealth of knowledge and is always there to answer questions. We have learned so much from this experience.

Being able to go to the best movies before anyone else, red carpets and celebrity interviews has been a blast.
The radio show once a week has been so much fun for the kids to talk and meet each other from all over the United States. They have also been able to hear the different reviews and opinions of movies they have seen from kids just like them. The guests have all been great and we have learned so much from them. It is wonderful to actually listen to and talk to the people involved in the move making process and hear their amazing passion and inspiration for their projects.

Thank for letting us be a part of this wonderful adventure.

Maria and, Paul, parents of Morgan Bertsch 2012 Critic (age 7)

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  1. Media is here to stay
  2. The average American child, age 8 to 18 now spends more than 7 ½ hours a day watching a “screen”
    – TV, computers, videogames, film, smart phones.
  3. Learning to critique media is essential. The information received through media – film, videogames, Internet, TV, even text books -  is constructed reality with messages, often subconscious, that shape our beliefs, values and attitudes. 
  4. Learning to critique media allows children to develop skills in critical thinking, language skills, writing and public speaking.
  5. Ethnicity, gender roles, and age presentations in the media affect our youth in many ways, often not positively.
  6. By teaching children how to critique media, we give them the skills to seek out and use more appropriate media, media that will enhance their lives.
  7. The KIDS FIRST! Film Critics’ curriculum has been developed by educators, child development professionals and leading children’s media specialists. It is a secular program, designed for children between the ages of 7 and 15.
  8. It's FUN! Just ask our current film critics. They have had unbelievable opportunities this year. Watch their videos on the KIDS FIRST! Youtube Channel.
Fact: The average American child will spend more time watching television and playing videogames than he or she will spend in school. You have a right to be concerned about the amount of time kids spend on media.


  • The goal of KIDS FIRST! is to engage children in becoming media savvy so that the time they spend with media is beneficial. And this takes education. Please join us to teach children healthy media habits that last a lifetime.
  • Rather than tell kids what to watch, we teach them the skills to make their own informed decisions. In the KIDS FIRST! Film Critic’s program, children learn to critique and write reviews about media they enjoy. Kids learn to take individual responsibility for a healthy media lifestyle.
  • Why not have kids reviewing films for kids?  Most film reviewers are adults and review films from an adult perspective. As veteran film critic Gene Shalit commented while reviewing a film, “Clash of the Titans is cool for kids, plenty of fights, beasts, and best of all the words don’t matter.”
  • Do you really believe that words don’t matter to a child?
  • With your support, KIDS FIRST! can reach millions of kids and change their behavior from being passive to active viewers. When we change kids’ behavior, we change the behavior of families and our communities. Everyone benefits.
  • Parent to Parent. Kid to Kid. Neighbor to Neighbor. This is how we plan to spread the message of this campaign, through people who have a vested interest in how kids behave and want to make positive changes in their lives.
  • Your participation is needed to make a difference.

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