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What to know: It is within the perceptual range of infants and a perfect way to pleasantly distract an infant.
Recommended age 1-5
180 minutes
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Seemed to really relax kids. "Children sitting in their bouncy seats bounced, babbled and sucked their pacifiers to the music." Even older children were intrigued by the cloud formations and enjoyed selecting the sky colors and music. Older kids talked about what the clouds looked like - water, a giant snowball, dust, a dog, and a volcano." "My 2-year-old went back to playing with her toys after the first few minutes of watching it but didn't want me to turn it off. She liked it as background music and it seemed to calm her."
Unusual concept, sort of like wallpaper with various cloud formations floating across the screen . The viewer chooses the colors and music. Adults enjoyed the classical music. Could be nifty played on a large flatscreen or in a hospital setting. Teachers loved how it relaxed the kids.
Designed to create a colorful and calming atmosphere for your baby. This simple combination of color and continuously drifting skies is designed to relax both mother and baby. Produced in association with PANTONE, the world's color authority.
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