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What to know: Alaska is a cool place for beautiful scenery, animals and BIRDS.
Recommended age 5-12
54 minutes
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Stunning photography by Emmy award-winning photographer, Daniel Zatz who used robitic and HD cameras to capture these fantastic birds. Narration by five-year-old, Zachary Clifton is truly refreshing. Chock full of fascinating facts and images that will enthrall any animal or bird lover. Delivered with such panache that even non-bird lovers will enjoy this.
Alaska is a cool place for beautiful scenery, animals and BIRDS. Birds especially like Alaska in the summertime when it is like a giant refrigerator filled with their favorite foods. Narrated by five-year-old, Zachary Clifton, who wonders unabashedly about the many different kinds of birds and the amazing things that they do during this migration vacation.
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