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What to know: When Grandpa Magic Lou, owner of Magical World Shop falls ill, Al must go run his shop.
Recommended age 5-8
55 minutes
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Enjoyed by all. Held their interest for the entire film. "It's really good and really funny." "My friends would like it because it is so funny and they would like the magic." "I related to it because I like to do magic myself." "I liked how people became cartoons." "When the butterfly came across, the sparks were cool." The kids tried to figure out how to do the magic tricks and talked about similar tricks they saw in a live magic show. "I would watch it 5 times if my mom would let me."
Good combination of magic and comedy. Lovely film that is educational as well as interesting. The slight story of how Magical Al became a magician holds the show together and takes it to another level. He does a good job to involve children in the show as volunteers. Each segment is brief and upbeat. Not a high budget production but it works. The tricks are well done , the story flows and it's appropriate for kids. Might motivate kids to check out magic books or how to DVDs.
When Grandpa Magic Lou, owner of Magical World Shop falls ill, Al must go run his shop. But Al has only one day to learn magic and save the store from closing forever. With a little help, Al finds the Shop is a magical place and becomes Magic-Al.
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