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What to know: Matt travels to Curacao to attend the Certified Kids Camp at Kids Sea Camp.
KID GUIDES: CERTIFIED KIDS CAMP CURACAO is in the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival - it may not be a regular, endorsed title
Recommended age 5-12
24 minutes
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"I really, really liked it! The reason why is that it shows so many things like dolphins, sharks, sea turtles and sea lions." "My friends would like it. They like wildlife and learning things." "It's about a diving camp where they get to swim with rays, sea turtles and all kinds of sea creatures plus they learn underwater photography." Favorite part: The sunken boat where lots of fish of different colors and shapes are swimming around. "The teachers explained everything so well. I learned all kinds of new things about sea animals and dividing."
Great photography, subject, dialogue, players. Everything is well done. It flows easily from one location to the next with excellent introductions of what is to come. The continuity is commendable. The quality of the content is excellent. It points out the many interesting opportunities for kids visiting Curacao and teaches about indigenous water creatures in an encyclopedic fashion. "I never gave much thought to Curacao before today but this DVD has me enchanted." The instructors provide positive role models and the narration is presented in a very age-appropriate fashion. No condescension here. It challenges a child intellectually to think about sharks, seals, sea turtles, scuba diving, ocean photography and...our favorite- dolphins. Perfect as a travel film, even for the arm-chair travelers among us.
Matt travels to Curacao to attend the Certified Kids Camp at Kids Sea Camp. Matt dives with sharks, dolphins and sea lions, feeds sting rays and sharks, and takes pictures of it all.
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