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What to know: Join Captain Jon on a voyage to the island of Little Cayman, deep in the Caribbean.
Recommended age 5-12
35 minutes
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Enjoyed it. "Awesome pictures." "Captain Jon shows the different animals in the ocean with a lot of detail." "I learned a lot about science and the animals that live on Little Cayman Island." "We watched Captain Jon scuba dive, then looked at iguanas and hermit crabs on the island." "All the things that they talk about are shown, like turtles, and different types of fish." "I learned where the Cayman Islands are, that Christopher Columbus discovered them and that pirates went there." "I liked that you can get all around the island by bike." "The mini sub is amazing. I'd like to go in one of those."
Excellent study of the Cayman Islands and why Little Cayman is one of the most spectacular places on earth to go diving. Incredible underwater footage give this movie universal appeal. Captain Jon takes viewers way under the sea to investigate areas that are not easily accessible. Content is interesting and colorful. Captain Jon is humorous at times, but not in a goofy or condescending way. Explanations are excellent and age-appropriate. Definitely encourages a child's interest in the ocean, sea life, underwater habitats.
Join Captain Jon on a voyage to the island of Little Cayman, deep in the Caribbean. See colorful coral, fascinating fish, super sea turtles, huge iguanas and hermit crabs - even Pirates. Ride the Status Submarine to learn about the deep ocean.
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