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What to know: Jeremiah works for Western Railroad in the Northwest.
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Recommended age 8-12
94 minutes
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Liked it though some found it boring at the beginning. It picked up when Justin started following the others. They loved the train pictures. "It wasn't as good as "Wall-E but it was pretty good. They thought their friends would like it. Going from the real train to the train set was interesting. The whistle and the explosion caught their attention. They all agreed that getting on the train was unsafe behavior. "I think riding a train would be nice if it wasn't running away." One 7-year-old girl said she learned to never go onto a train without adults on hand. Then, she said she liked the scene where the train came out of the tunnel and was traveling hear the water. It reminded her of a family trip she recently made. They all loved the grandfather.
Quite a story, well done. Suspense is built up throughout the entire story. It keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen to the children. Full of mystery, suspense and shows respect for authority and knowledge. It is a bit too long but worth viewing. The character change in this film is probably one of the Train Master's strongest points. The distant, power-driven father learns that there is more important things in life than work, the depressed grandfather must overcome his depression and self-pity so that he can save the distressed children, and the children learn that they must work together despite their grudges so that they can stop a possibly huge disaster. The score and set design accurately assist in setting up the mischievous mood of the film. Overall, Train Master presents a heart-warming and thrilling ride from beginning to end. Fun and suspenseful adventure with many exciting dilemmas and strong, smart, and independent children. Some adult's acting is a little unbelievable such as the mother's reaction to the kid's fighting at the table over vegetables and the grandfather's reaction to learning his grandchildren are aboard the runaway train. Maintained a simple yet effective means of visually capturing fright and excitement of what parents and children would probably feel in such a situation. The acting was a bit overdramatic at times, but the children did an excellent job at interacting with each other and displaying a change of heart at the end. Shows how conflicting sides must learn to unite and work together in order to accomplish something for a positive change.
Jeremiah works for Western Railroad in the Northwest. After Brett purchases the Western Railroad, he fires Jeremiah. When Brett's son and Jeremiah's grandchildren end up on a runaway train together, the two men must join forces to save the kids.
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