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What to know: Explore spooky environments as Scooby, Shaggy or any of the super-cool teen Mystery, Inc.
Recommended age 8-12
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Kids enjoyed it. "I think it is a good game but the problem was that there weren't enough levels to play in." "It is really easy. The difficult part was remembering what to press and when." "The characters stop the other people from doing other things they want to do by dressing up like monsters and scaring the other ones. Of course, there are bad guys." "We loved the sound but the images were kind of fuzzy and you couldn't see them all that well. But, overall, I'd say, pretty good and I would play it again." "It was easy for experienced people but the instructions were written very tiny on the screen so you pretty much had to figure it out on your own." "It was a short game. It only took me an hour to get through half of it." "In five minutes, I was great at the game. (11-year-old) " Favorite part: Scooby Doo! Probably most suited for 8 to 12-year-olds though kids who like Scooby Doo will enjoy this at 6 or 7. Some kids, who are scared by Scooby Doo at a younger age, will most likely not like this game until they are older.
Entertaining and a lot of fun. It stimulates the mind and encourages kids to solve problems. You have to solve mysteries by working together as a team and figuring out clues. Each team member has special attributes (like Scooby can go through small holes and Shaggy can get things with his yoyo) that help them move through the courses and solve the mysteries. The characters are recognizable from the TV show and the music is pretty good. The words are easy to read and the narration and directions are clear. Some of the skeletons and other "bad guys" might scare younger viewers. There are different courses but not different levels of difficulty. Kids are praised for correct answers and given other chances when they are wrong. The main characters are never killed, even in battles. It does contain some cartoon-type violence but no blood and guts. If you exit out during the game you need to start the level over the next time you play but you don't have to go all the way back to the beginning. User can't control the pace of the material and it only has one level of difficulty. The content is geared for a younger crowd who enjoys Scooby Doo (8-10), yet the game is a bit difficult for users of that age. Users can review past materials but you cannot skip ahead nor can you make the game easier or harder. The mysteries are generally easy to solve; it is finding the clues that is difficult.
Explore spooky environments as Scooby, Shaggy or any of the super-cool teen Mystery, Inc. team. The game also features co-op play allowing two members of Mystery, Inc. to work together.
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