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What to know: Annie Morgan is a successful, single marriage counselor.
Recommended age 12-18
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Truth Be told is a fantastic movie to watch with family or by yourself.
This film is great. There are lots of funny parts and also some serious situations when Annie, played by Candice Bure and Mark, played by David Eliott pretend to be married so they can qualify for a job offer.
The visual aspects of the film are awesome. However, in the climax of the movie, when Zoe runs away, the cinematography is very dark and the lighting is poor. It feels weird.
My favorite character is Zoe because she is very believable and really sweet.
Another thing I really enjoy from this film is that the main characters are from Denver, Colorado and since I'm from Colorado as well, it is really cool to be able to relate to them.
I think Truth Be Told is a great move for family night or for young teens to enjoy on their own. Truth be told, the movie is great!
Credit: Raven Devanney, age 13, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic
Annie Morgan is a successful, single marriage counselor. When she receives the opportunity to host her own relationship talk show from media mogul Alexander Bishop, a misunderstanding leads him to think she is married to her old college friend Mark Crane. The two decide to pose as a married couple with his two teenage kids for the weekend, and along the way, Annie and Mark struggle with their conscience and their growing feelings for one another.
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