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What to know: Fifteen-year-old Ruby Skye is stubborn, smart and curious.
Recommended age 7-15
Web Series
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Ruby discovers a problem. She finds it very interesting, it's a mystery. She solves it and saves the day! "I want to see more episodes and what mystery she will solve next." This series drew the kids in. They were actively discussing the show and trying to figure out "who done it." There were corny moments. The boys thought Ruby Skye was cool. One girl said she'd like to see this as a TV show and all her friends would watch it. Kids liked the intro music. Motivated kids to want to solve more mysteries. "Cool." "Awesome." Easy to relate to. They liked that you didn't know who the bad guys were until show #9. Both boys and girls were glued to the screen.
These are very short webisodes, each adding a small piece to the overall mystery. The show is a great way to get your children into doing investigations around the house. A good introduction to investigative thinking. Reminded me of the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew. A great role model for kids to get more involved in their community. Ruby follows clues, but sometimes they take her in the wrong direction. Still, it's fun to see how she is able, with the help of her friends to find the truth. The kids are very realistic, though some of the supporting characters are a bit stereotypical, this adds to the fun of the story. Also, often the stereotyping proves to be wrong, teaching us to always have an open mind and not jump to conclusions. I especially liked that the online format allows kids to interact with the story and with each other in a very positive and targeted way. It really keeps you watching, you wan to find out what will happen next. Internet security - i.e.. email scams - is an important issue facing people today. The characters are very likeable and very appropriate and suitable for this age group. Ruby is a realistic character and she uses language that is understandable. Ruby introduces her clues and gives you a chance to think about what the solution might be - who is the criminal and who is the good guy. Ruby's relationship with the other characters demonstrates caring, kindness, skepticism and belief. She also experiences how it feels to not be believed and deals with a bully in a creative and fun manner.
Fifteen-year-old Ruby Skye is stubborn, smart and curious. When she discovers that a neighbor is a victim of an email scam, Ruby vows to get her money back, but the clues lead in all the wrong directions and she finds herself losing friends fast.
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