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What to know: Playing around while aboard a cruise ship, the Chipmunks and Chipettes accidentally go overboard and end up marooned in a tropical paradise.
Recommended age 5-12
87 minutes
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Awesome movie, because there is a lot of action and everything the chipmunks and Chipettes do is so funny. This movie is all about Dave, the chipmunks, and the Chipettes who go on vacation and have a really big adventure. They go on a cruise ship and Alvin keeps causing lots of trouble on the ship (like always). Alvin comes up with a really great idea to fly on top of a kite. All of the chipmunks and Chipettes are holding the kite while Alvin is flying but the wind picks up too hard. They start to fly away and Simon tries to help by tying the kite to Dave's chair (while he is sleeping). This still doesn't work and the chair and the chipmunks start to move down the deck of the ship. Eventually, the kite slips off the chair and the chair flips over. Dave wakes up to see the chipmunks and the Chipettes fly away on the kite. Some of the main characters in the movie are Dave, the chipmunks (Alvin, Simon, and Theodore), the Chipettes (Eleanor, Jeanette, and Brittany), Zoe, and Ian. My favorite character is Alvin because he is always having fun and causing lots of trouble. I also like him because in the end he learns that he can still have fun while being responsible. My favorite part is when the chipmunks and Chipettes meet Zoe on the stranded island. She invites them to meet her friends and when they get there they see that her friends are a bunch of sports balls. It's really funny because it seems like she is a little crazy since she has been on the island for so long. We figure out later that there are spiders on the island that change a person's personality and make them act differently. Later on Simon gets bit by one of the spiders and then he starts acting like someone else. It is really funny. I would recommend this movie for all ages because it is super funny and there was no violence or parts that would scare anyone. It also shows how much family means and that most families would do anything for each other. Go out and see this movie in theaters on December 16th. The chipmunks started in the 1950's with their holiday song "Christmas Don't Be Late". Their song can still be heard every holiday season as I just heard the song this last Christmas. The movie Chipwrecked is a combination of animation and live action. They didn't have that in the 1950's. Our story begins with the Chipmunks winning a big music award and they have to go on a cruise ship with Dave and the Chipettes to get to the ceremony. While on the cruise we meet new and old characters. Alvin does some skateboarding on deck. Does Dave like skateboarding? He does, it's a little inside joke as Jason Lee, who plays Dave, used to be a professional skateboarder. But of course Alvin gets in trouble with the ship's captain. I love the great music and dancing. The chipettes costumes, made of curtains, are awesome. Don't miss the dance off, it's really amazing and don't forget... the claws are REAL! Kite flying gets the gang in big trouble and that's how they end up on a deserted island. They need food and water and the mango race scene is hysterical. Six chipmunks plus one mango equals tons of fun action. I enjoy watching Simon become Simone after getting bit by a spider that makes him go crazy and find the love of his life, Janette. What's a deserted island without Pirate Treasure and a strange girl named Zoey who has friends that are balls. Who's in the pelican suit? There are two stories going on at the same time. How will the rescuers survive while looking for the chipmunks and how will the chipmunks survive while waiting to be rescued in the dangerous jungle. See what Mother Nature has in store for them all and see who rescues who. This is a very cute fun family film now available on DVD. The Chipmunks have been owned and promoted by the same family for over 66 years. Great job. Thank you and we love them. Age ranges from 5 to 12 for the most enjoyment. I give it 5 twinkling stars. Morgan Bertsch, age 7, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic
Playing around while aboard a cruise ship, the Chipmunks and Chipettes accidentally go overboard and end up marooned in a tropical paradise. They discover their new turf is not as deserted as it seems.
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