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What to know: Dive on a spectacular coral garden.
Recommended age 4-12
25 minutes
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The divers went underwater and they filmed a lot of fish and corals, and a lot of sea life. There are four divers, it seems like two are filming. My favorite fish is the eel. I like the music - it's soothing. I like the sea life, because I like animals. It got me to think about how much more wildlife is under the water - more than I could ever imagine. I thought about maybe diving someday. Good for rest or quiet time too.
Beautiful underwater photography with no narration. It's fun to see fish and creatures in their own environment. However, since there is no narration, it does leave you wondering what everything is. Shows a variety of different plant and animal species which are visually appealing. Background music is very calming. Video footage is appealing and colorful. This is an extremely visually appealing video. It has wonderful underwater footage that makes you feel as if you are scuba diving with them. The colorful plants and animals in the ocean are great to look at. Non narrative but the music is very calming. Not sure why this is titles, "Roma."
Dive on a spectacular coral garden. Divers encounter schools of fusiliers, redtooth triggerfish, unicorn fish and midnight snappers. Also, solitary creatures like nudibranchs, titan triggerfish, cuttlefish, lion fish and leaf scorpionfish.
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