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What to know: Slow moving beautiful under-water footage set to music.
Recommended age 2-18
28 minutes
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It moves slowly, but the fish are beautiful. I always wondered what it would feel like to swim with fish, and this film helps me to understand. I don't know why it is called Blizzard. I was expecting a film about the weather, but this is about fish. I like to watch parts of it and try to identify some of the creatures. I do not think my friends can watch this entire movie unless they were studying fish or wanted to be a diver.
This is an interesting film. Beautiful underwater shots and relaxing music. It peaks the interest of anyone who Is curious about how it feels (at least visually) to go on an underwater dive. It is relaxing and will play well in the background during a pre-school program or at a party. It is too slow moving for average kids to sit and stare at for too long, but perhaps would return to the screen occasionally to get a glimpse of what is going on. If you can hang with it long enough to see the wreckage, it is engaging as an educational program about nature and habitats. Special bonus feature called "Sharks" shows more beautiful underwater footage including some lovely sharks.
An organic spectacle engulfs the decks of U.S. Navy cargo vessel, La Salvatierra, which struck rocks near La Paz, Baja California Sur and sank in 60 feet of water. See how nature recycles this wreckage into shelter and nurture for a frenzy of new life.
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