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What to know: Kids on-camera! A delightful reality show about kids taking over production.
Recommended age 6-18
46 minutes
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A bunch of kids who were actors were selected to see what it would be like to be behind the camera. Kids were divided into three teams and they had to decide what type of TV show they wanted to make. They decided on the name, what jobs each would do and even held auditions and picked the actors. Once they created their show, a panel of judges picked the winner. The kids like the idea of kids doing everything to produce the TV show. They like the way they work together and commented on how they decided on their roles. "My favorite part is when the teams are coming up with their ideas and talking about zombies." "I liked the auditions, and when one kid was recognized from being on Are You As Smart As a Fifth Grader." They like the music. It was cool how the adults who help the kids do not try to tell them what to do. Kids were motivated to do their own Flip The Script.
Kids who normally are in front of the camera get the chance to "flip the script" and find out what goes on behind the scenes. A good demonstration for young people who may have thought about working in the world of entertainment as an actor, or other areas of film production. It does a good job of defining the roles behind the camera. Often times young people only look at the glitz and glamour of being the actor in front of the camera. This shows organization, brainstorming, teamwork, respect for each other, hard work and fun. Encourages and inspires kids to work together as a team to create a great show. Kids learn how ideas from everyone can be put together to make a good product. This is a great DVD to show children, especially those who are interested in acting and film making.
Three teams of kids, ages 6-10, learn the ins and outs of creating, directing and producing their own TV show. Follow the kids' journeys as they learn what it takes to put a production together.
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