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What to know: An educational and entertaining visit to East Africa.
Recommended age 6-15
25 minutes
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The whole movie has a nice atmosphere and a lot of pretty things to see. It's entertaining and educational, a good introduction, but made me want to know more. "I like seeing other people and cultures - what they eat and do." "I like seeing the kids in native clothing." "I didn't know Africa was so built up, having only seen movies that show it more primitive." "I learned that they eat squid that are so large and wondered what they tasted like." "The landscapes are beautiful, waterfalls and mountains, sky and city lights."
The film travels through four areas of East Africa, capturing diverse and vivid lives of the people living there. The material covered is quite comprehensive: geography, food, religion, music, architecture and language - all duly addressed in 25 minutes. I am impressed with the things the film maker chose to photograph and how it enhanced the topic. A good use of the timeframe and explored the subject well. There are so many smiling faces! The varied expressions of people realizing that they are being filmed while others go about their daily activities seemingly unaware. You get the feeling you are walking among the crowd in the city, riding the train and viewing the forward cars climbing the mountain, being on a bus and seeing monkeys in the road, sitting in the square watching people converse and enjoying children playing. Simply filmed, but the choices of what to film illustrates the information and brings you into the lives of these people.
East Africa provides a ground level view of a lightly visited part of the world. Visit the cities of Kampala, Nairobi, Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar, and see the wonderful people of East Africa close up, as they go about their lives.
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