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What to know: Short, fun animated film about a town where there is no Halloween until Mr.
Recommended age 2-6
9 minutes
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"The kids were not ready for Halloween, but Mr. Halloweenster helped them get costumes." "The villain made candy that would make the kids 'candy-kooky' and not enjoy Halloween." "Mr. Halloweenster steps in to save the day." The kids are glued to the screen and want to watch it again, right away. Appeals mostly to kids under age 7, though everyone watched intently. The younger kids even knew the song and repeated it after.
Mr. Halloweenster is a short, fun cartoon, that tells the story of a town where there are no signs of Halloween, due to a sinister character. Similar to the idea of the Grinch, the bad guy is trying to keep Halloween from happening. Mr. Halloweenster works to bring Halloween back to the children. His attitude is pleasant and upbeat. This is a fun short for children excited about Halloween. Displays problem-solving and an optimistic attitude in the face of negativity. Simple and innocent, the colors are vibrant and the music is upbeat and catchy.
Mr. Halloweenster is the kids Halloween hero. He's always there to help with costumes, pumpkin carving and everything else that makes Halloween fun. But this time, while Mr. Halloweenster is helping the kids, there's something tricky happening at the JunkVittles Candy factory. Mr. MeanyPants and Dr. JunkVittles are making candy that will make the kids forget about their costumes and the Halloween parade. Only Mr. Halloweenster can save the day!
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