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What to know: Wren's Halloween plans go awry when she's made to babysit her brother, who disappears into a sea of trick-or-treaters.
Recommended age 13-18
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This movie will make Halloween more fun with teenagers. This comedy movie is about a senior in high school name Wren (Victoria Justice) and her mom Joy (Chelsea Handler) and her brother Albert (Jackson Nicoll.) A high school senior Wren (Victoria Justice), who is looking forward to college to be away from her family. She also wishes she can be away from her little brat brother. Wren's mother, Joy, wants her to babysit her little brother Albert on Halloween night. Mom wants to go to an adult party with her boyfriend. Wren is also invited by her high school crush to the "party of the year." So Wren tries to rush her brother home and put him to bed so she can go to her own party. However, Albert disappears in the crowd so he doesn't have to go home. The adventure begins when Wren and her best friend April, Peng and Roosevelt begins their search for little Albert. There are so many fun characters in this movie. All the make-up and costumes in this movie are epic. Albert's Spiderman costume is so original with one arm missing. Wren's costume is so cute without showing too much skin. Some of the characters in this movie do not need a costume for Halloween, they look naturally scary! The special effects in this movie are above average. Some of the scenes are so real and scary. There are so many flash back scenes and music that all ages can relate to. All the actors in this movie are so awesome. The boys are true nerds and the girls are so beautiful. This makes it so real. The setting with the teenage friends, personal and sibling problems are very understandable. I can relate to the same feelings between my brother and me. The best scene is with Albert at the end, he's always a little terror but a lovable one. The message in this movie is family. No matter how annoying your family members are, they are still the people that we care the most about and will give up anything to be with. And be careful of what you wish for. My favorite character is Albert. He does not know how to express himself until he is in deep trouble. I rank this movie 5 out of 5 stars. I give this age ranged 10 and up. Cheyenne Nguyen, age 8, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic.

Fun Size is run around town teenager movie that creates trouble for our heroin around every corner. The story starts with Wren, played by Victoria Justice, having to change her Halloween plans and babysit her brother because her mother, played by Chelsea Handler, has a date. Albert is a disturbed little boy because his father died a few months before the story takes place and this is the first Halloween that Albert and his father won't be together. That's why Wren has to babysit this year. The challenges start when Albert gets lost in a flood of Trick or Treaters. Wren must find Albert and return home before her mother returns from her party and that is much more difficult then the group can imagine. Albert has some fun crazy adventures for a little kid and he loves his pranks. This movie is about friendships, relationships, life changes, family bonds and growing up. I understand the PG 13 ratings as there are inappropriate parts for us little kids but I don't know what they are. There were a couple of times mom covered my eyes but I did hear some questionable language and I didn't think you could drink alcohol until you were 21. Our foursome of Wren, Peng, April and Roosevelt are continually hounded by the Hulk and Julies Caesar until the showdown at the chicken shack. I know I'm only 7 but even I know that you don't bring a drumstick to a gun fight. My favorite part was the end of the movie with Albert. I also really enjoyed the costumes. They were colorful, creative and gave me some great ideas for Halloween this year. So if you're still undecided about what you are going to do this year you might accidentally stumble across that next really great costume idea. While you are at it grab some popcorn and a soda and a couple of Fun Size candy bars because you preens and teens will enjoy this movie. Little kids and adults probably won't like this as much. I think the cast really worked well together and their characters were believable even if all of the situations they are in were not. The age range is 11 and up. I give it 4 out of 5 twinkling stars. Fun Size will be in theaters October 26. Morgan Bertsch, age 7, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic.

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Wren's Halloween plans go awry when she's made to babysit her brother, who disappears into a sea of trick-or-treaters. With her best friend and two nerds at her side, she needs to find her brother before her mom finds out he's missing.
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