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What to know: Good allegory for children with special nees and great talking points.
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Recommended age 8-15
16 minutes
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Get away from me FREAK!! Falling Up is a short film about Charles Henry and what happens when he discovers that he has the ability to levitate. After Charles Henry is ordered by the doctor to wear a heavy metal vest to help him stop floating, he starts to notice all of the imperfections around him. He must learn how to become confident in himself and ignore what others think.

I love Charles Henry because he turned his disability through courage into something positive. My favorite scene is at the beginning when Charles floats in his room and his parents rush him into the car to take him to the doctor and Charles continues to float while inside the car. I find it fascinating to watch the special effects in this scene because when he was in the car he was still floating. I also like how the director used long and close up shots to allow the audience to see the setting and to see what the character is thinking or feeling. Something that makes this film memorable is the scene at school when all the kids have something weird about them like skipping while standing, twitching hands and having no control of their feet while sitting. My least favorite scene is when Charles imagines what would happen if he would take off the vest. I didn't like seeing Charles upset about being able to float because it isn't his fault and he can't change he is. It made me sad because he was so afraid and insecure about himself. I dislike the kids that teased him because they are just making fun of him when they know what he is going through. Everyone has something that makes them different whether it is being double jointed or having too many freckles on their face.

The message of this film is that no one is perfect. Kids will relate to this film because it talks about the importance of being comfortable with having something unique about you. Everyone has some weird imperfection about themselves but if everyone was the same then there would be no diversity and life would be dull. Being different makes you stand out and you bring something different to the table. I absolutely loved this film and I think kids from seven to eighteen year olds should see this film because it teaches you of being brave. I give this movie five stars out of five. Reviewed by Shelby Renea, age 14, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic

A difficult but important topic. It presents the subject matter in an entertaining and clever way. It shows that you should just be accepted for who you really are, with any limitations and to be yourself. Good production vales, lighting, audio, all well balanced. Good special effects and cute storyline. Seems to take place in the 1950's (car and phone from the 50's.) Good allegory for children with special needs and great talking points. The child in the film shows commendable bravery and it has a touching ending.
One ordinary day, 10-year-old Charles Henry is delighted to discover that he has the ability to float. But when society pressures him to conform and fix his 'problem', he must find the courage to overcome what others think and embrace who he is.
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