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What to know: An odd story of future travel with a positive message of family and friendship.
Recommended age 12-18
30 minutes
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Jaymee is going to visit her grandmother through a teleporting thing. She gets lost and Cortez has to come to her house and find a way home. Her parents are very worried about her. "It seems kind of old, and it's weird that she was supposed to be able to go in a box and get to a different planet." "The house seemed real, but they didn't show much else." "It didn't look real when they traveled in space."
Though odd, the story of the little girl visiting her grandmother has appeal. She cares for her family, and teamwork is exhibited. However, the pace is slow and the production quality is choppy and not particularly well edited. It is a fun idea to imagine how one might travel in the future. Some of the actors are very believable, but others are awkward and hard to watch. It might make a nice cult film for a niche audience. The special effects were very amateur and didn't hold my interest. Older kids might appreciate the cultish quality of the film.
Tranhopping is the quickest way to get from one planet to another. A person would vanish in a little black box, and reappear in a box across the galaxy. One Christmas, little Jaymee Sky went to visit her grandmother on a distant planet and never made it.
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