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This is an experience! It was interesting to see different styles of parenting, from generation to generation. This movie gives an unusual perspective on parenting whether it be by using a smart house, or screaming at teachers; this movie is enlightening. When I stepped in the theater to see the movie, I did not know what to expect. It is hilarious; I can relate to the strange transition from what parents would let a children do, and grandparents that let children do anything. This movie follows the Simmons family who believe in a more, "I'll let you consider the consequences and make the right choice" type of parenting; and the parents that never get to have time alone together. So when the inventor father: Phil Simmons (Tom Everett Scott) is nominated for an award out of state, he and his wife Alice (Marisa Tomei) decide to take this trip for some much needed alone time. They call Phil's parents to watch them, but they are away on vacation; Alice dreads to ask her judgmental parents, but they say yes. Let the games begin. Meet Artie Decker (Billy Crystal) a newly fired baseball announcer and his wife Diane (Bette Midler), a retired weather girl. These grandparents' main goal is to make their grandchildren, love them, and to no longer be the "other grandparents." They are being entrusted to care for three children: Harper (Bailee Madison)- twelve going on fifty and an aspiring violinist, Turner (Joshua Rush) - a shy boy with a stutter, and Barker (Kyle Harrison Breitkopf)- the youngest with a hard time making real friends, so he has an imaginary one. This is a new type of environment for Artie and Diane, and they try their best to do a good job, but cannot because their daughter will not release her hold and go with her husband. We see how Diane and Artie form a relationship with their grandchildren, and Artie and Alice rekindle theirs also. Personally, I would probably only watch this movie once because these types of movies are entertaining but become tiring quickly. I think that children and most adults would enjoy it because of the comedy aspect. This movie also is not too long so younger children will not get restless. I recommend this movie for ages six and up because they can relate to the differences between parents and grandparents. I give this movie four and a half stars out of five because I do not usually favor quirky family comedies. All in all, this is a good movie and a great movie to watch with you family. Reviewed by Victoria Burns, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 14.

The preview of this movie was very cute. It is a story about a mom and dad who want to go on a vacation together. The question is, who will watch the three children. They decide to ask the grandparents. The favorite grandparents are busy and cannot come so they have to call the other grandparents. R I is a new house that is all computerized and the dad's project. The technology is very confusing to the grandparents. It is a very cool house that everyone will want to own. Marisa Tomei is a mother, trying to juggle a family and a job. She is trying to do the best job she can but there are many choices of how to raise your children. Tom Everett Scott plays dad, who just wants his wife to be proud of him and misses spending time with her alone. The kids are adorable. I love the kangaroo. Barker has a strong grip and doesn't want his mother to leave. This will have you laughing. Harper is an amazing violist and the perfect big sister. Turner has issues but learns to overcome them. The old grandparents do not always understand the way their daughter is raising her children. They do not follow her rules. When they find out they are not the favorites they decide it is time to take action and make the children love them. Even I know sugar makes kids crazy. Cake any one? My favorite scene was when they play kick the can. Playing in the rain is always fun; add a game and it is funtastic. My favorite character was the grandmother because Bette Midler stood up for her granddaughter. She was funny and even had scene with her famous singing voice. The grandfather, Billy Crystal would be great to hang out with because he loves baseball and so do I. He believes in this movie so much that he also signed on as a producer. The moral is, if everyone works together things will come out all right. Sometimes it takes a little time to understand someone else's ways. All ages will love this move from the young 5 to the elder 105. It is about different ages all trying to understand each other, learn from each other and getting to place of being a happy family. I give this movie 5 twinkling stars it was cute, funny and made for everyone. Morgan Bertsch, age 8, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic.

"Parental Guidance" is extremely funny and enjoyable. Artie Decker (Billy Crystal) is let go from his baseball announcing job which he truly loves. His only daughter, Alice Simmons, (Marisa Tomei) and her Husband, Phil Simmons (Tom Everett Scott) get a chance to go on a vacation and need someone to look after their three school-age kids. Artie and his wife, Diane Decker (Bette Midler), agree to look after them for a week and will do anything to not be the "other grandparents." But their style of parenting clashes with Alice and her husband's parenting ways. This film keeps me laughing a lot and I must admit, shedding a few tears. My favorite character is Barker Simmons (Kyle Harrison Breitkopf). He has the cutest little face, with red curly hair, and cracks me up with some of the things he is doing. The acting is really good and believable. I can actually see this plot happening in real life that's how believable it is. I also like Harper Simmons, (Bailee Madison) as she acts very well. She is so intense with her acting and so believable with her crying scenes. I have two favorite scenes, one is when Harper has a mouthful of cake and then says to her mother, Yogurt is not like ice cream, you lied; and second is when Artie is at the little league baseball game with his daughter and causes trouble because there is no 3 strike game rule. Andy Fickman directs "Parental Guidance" and Lisa Addario along with Joe Syracuse writes this very funny script. Other talents include Jennifer Crystal Foley, Rhonda Griffis and the very funny Gedde Watanabe. A lesson in this film is to live your life, love yourself and laugh a lot. I recommend "Parental Guidance" for ages 6 and up. This is a great film for the family and your friends to see. This is really good comedy that will keep you laughing. Get ready to laugh, cry and have a good time. I give this film 5 out of 5 five stars. I love the actors, the plot and comedy. Billy Crystal and Bette Midler are hilarious together with their style of parenting. Have some fun with your grandparents and see "Parental Guidance." It arrives in theaters on December 25 and I'm sure you will love it. Brianna Hope Beaton, age 13, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic.

I love this movie; it has something for every age group to relate to. Artie (Billy Crystal) and Dianne (Bette Midler) are asked by their daughter Alice (Marisa Tomei) to watch her three kids for one week. Alice and her husband win a trip for two to celebrate their success. However, Alice wants Artie and Dianne to use her method of parenting, not the old school way that Artie and Dianne use to raise her. The children are Harper (Bailee Madison), Turner (Joshua Rush) and Barker (Kyle Breitkopf). They are not to have any sugar and live a very structured life. Each has their own issues. Artie and Dianne have to learn how to deal with their issues using the 21st century method. Billy Crystal owns his character. I really see Billy Crystal as Artie I did not see any acting with this character. Bette Midler also does a great job as Diane, funny and great voice. Artie and Dianne's lines seems like they are improvised, and their comic timing is awesome. The child actors are great too. Harper's look of awkwardness when her crush asks her to his party is so true to life. Turner's speech impediment is so real; I thought he really has the impediment. Barker is a riot; he has that face that looks as if he's up to something. The movie quality is very clear. The props for the smart house are awesome. One day we will all have a smart house and our parents will think it's creepy. The small home town setting looks just like it's in Fresno, California. My favorite character is Turner. He is determined to overcome his speech impediment and defend himself with the bully. He does a great job of stuttering. The lesson in this movie is each generation has their own way of parenting. I rank this movie 5 out of 5 stars. This movie age range is 5 and up. This movie comes out December 25, 2012 in theaters near you. Cheyenne Nguyen, age 9, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic.

Bette Midler and Billy Crystal are two actors any parent or grandparent will relate to and their role in this multi-generational movie are not only believable but hysterically so. I found myself laughing out loud at this film which plays the whole idea of differing styles of parenting to the hilt. The high tech house, the food phobic parents, the whole idea of pushing your kids to pursue a musical career at such an early age are themes based on reality. I took my grandson to this and he and I both found it amusing, enjoyable and repeatable - for the same and different reasons.
Old school grandfather Artie (Billy Crystal), who is accustomed to calling the shots, meets his match when he and his eager-to-please wife Diane (Bette Midler) agree to babysit their three grandkids when their type-A helicopter parents (Marisa Tomei, Tom Everett Scott) go away for work. But when 21st century problems collide with Artie and Diane's old school methods of tough rules, lots of love and old-fashioned games, it's learning to bend - and not holding your ground - that binds a family together. Directed by Andy Fickman. Starring Billy Crystal, Bette Midler, Marisa Tomei, Tom Everett Scott, Bailee Madison, Joshua Rush and Kyle Harrison Breitkopf.
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