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What to know: Well done.
Recommended age 10-15
89 minutes
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This is not another movie about happy kids holding hands and not bullying and all of that. I am relieved to see that this movie is more realistic. "We Can Be Heroes" is a fantastic story that many people will enjoy and find educational.

This movie has a good amount of things to like. It has romance, action, adventure, thrills and so much more.

The story starts when a young boy in Sweden is getting bullied badly. He thinks he is the most useless thing in the world. Sadly, I can relate to his experience. However, everything changes when a new girl comes to his class. He falls for her and they become best friends or maybe even something more.

This film is wonderful! I have seen not that many Swedish films and, after seeing this one, I think I will. This movie has a mix of adventure and classic styles. The actors are very good and natural. The camera shots are great and realistic.

My favorite scene is when the new girl's brother sees her playing football (or soccer for Americans) and they rush down to stop her. Then, the coach makes them stop trying to get in her way since she is the star player. I like it because it sends a positive message that women should be able to do what they choose, which I support completely. Also, her brothers finally let her do something which I think is also great.

This film has a bit of action and a bit of mature content so I would recommend it for ages 10 to18 and I would give it 5 out of 5 stars. Reviewed by Gerry O., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 12.

This is the story of a skinny ten-year-old kid who cannot find anything he can do well. His parents have ideas of him being a world class soccer player (Dad) or a priest (Mom). He is bullied by three older boys, makes friends with a Lebanese girl who has just moved to Sweden (where the film takes place) and the two of them go off on adventures to achieve their goals. Hers is to play soccer and his is to fly. The relationship within the film are varied and the characters can appear foolish, mean, smart or loveable. While I found this film humorous and more of a fantasy, I would recommend it for ages 12-15 years and wonder if they would be interested in a film with much younger protagonists. It is very upbeat and the characters continuously go after their goals in spite of numerous setbacks. There is profanity, backside nudity and scenes with weapons which is why I would recommend it for older viewers. The main character is ten. The film is well done with a good story line. It just seems that the age of the main character and the audience aren't quite in synch. This is filmed in Sweden and it is in Swedish with sub-titles. It has a menu for chapter selection which allows you to skip to different parts of the film easily. While entertaining, I'm not sure it addresses the main theme of bullying in a practical of beneficial way.
The story of Marcello, a timid Swedish boy with no friends. He is bullied on the playground and misunderstood by his father. He has a secret passion to become a pilot. He makes a friend of tomboy Fatima, who is new to the school. With her help he proves his bravery and courage, and triumphs over his fears.
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