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What to know: A show that teaches kids how to draw while also teaching them their shapes and some history about the things they draw.
Recommended age 5-12
60 minutes
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If you love drawing like me, then you'll love "Drawing With Mark." "Drawing With Mark" is a show that teaches kids how to draw while also teaching them their shapes and some history about the things they draw. Kids also learn three or four fun facts about what they are drawing.

The "Happy Tails" part of this show is about cats and dogs and how to draw them. He also talks about how much responsibility it is to have a dog; you have to groom it, take care of it, bring it to the vet and feed it. In the "Ice Cream" episode, Mark goes to the ice cream shop and learns about children's' favorite ice cream flavors and you'll never guess: it's cake batter flavor! When I heard this I thought that it was funny because I would never think that they would make a cake batter flavored ice cream. The lead characters in these episodes are Mark (Mark Marderosian), Crystal Cat and Eclipse Doggy.

I like that this show helped me be a better artist and I learned how to draw a dog and a cat better than I already did. I also learned how to draw an ice cream truck and a man holding an ice cream. I love watching this because I learned a lot and it made me understand the fundamentals of drawing. I also like that they put a live-action human with animated characters. I also like it when they went into the ice cream shop and they saw Crystal Cat On the toppings section, they thought that it was funny because they were talking about all of the toppings that the kids pick every time they come in and Crystal Cat was right there so they started laughing. There is no underlying message in this story, because it's about drawing, except maybe that no matter how old you are, you can draw big things.

I recommend this show to anyone that loves to draw to express their feelings, or to just have fun. I recommend this for people ages six and older because anyone can draw if they want to. I would give this DVD four out of five because overall I liked it but I hoped that it had more music. "Drawing With Mark" is available for all art lovers on DVD. Valdi Belizaire, age 11, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic.

Structured in an educational and fun way for young children. It shows an animal shelter and even tells kids how to care for their pet cats and dogs. There is some animation that younger kids will enjoy. The best parts are the drawing lessons. The style is aimed towards younger children, ages 4-8.

Mark takes viewers to a humane society before having them draw a cat and a dog. He then goes to an ice cream shop before drawing ice cream and an ice cream truck. This is a fun way to draw viewers into the drawing lesson! Viewers will be interested in the subjects even if they aren't interested in drawing.

The professional illustrator, Mark Marderosian explains the instructions very well and makes it easy to follow along. It may motivate children to try their hand at drawing and exercising their creativity. It really does show how fun it is to draw. Older children may be more interested in the drawing lessons themselves and less with the field trips and animations.

It is very respectful of children, shows a kindness towards animals and invites the audience to participate by asking questions they can easily answer such as: "What do all pets need?"

Critically acclaimed and broadcast nationally, the multi-award winning series teaches kids how to draw while also including educational journeys to fun and exciting destinations. Each DVD includes 2 episodes plus a specially designed insert with drawing exercises. Visits to the Buddy Dog Humane Society and a local ice cream shop result in learning to draw our favorite four-legged friends, an ice cream cone and an ice cream truck. ! Visits!to!the!Buddy!Dog!Humane!Society!and!a!local!ice!cream!shop!result!in!learning!to!draw! our!favorite!44legged!friends,!an!ice!cream!cone!and!an!ice!cream!truck.!
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