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What to know: Very enjoyable, great cinematography, exciting climax, tons of comedy and kept me laughing.
Recommended age 12-18
95 minutes
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This film has really good comedy and I like it.

Wade Walker (Craig Robinson) wants to marry the lovely Grace Peeples (Kerry Washington (Scandal). They attend the Peeples annual reunion in the Hamptons where Wade wants to ask Grace for her hand in marriage but everything is not going as he plans.

"Peeples" is a good family comedy. I like the way the two families get together, as this is not your ordinary family reunion. However, I can see this happening. I like the plot and it keeps my interest. The cast does a wonderful acting job and I truly enjoy it. The soundtrack is very entertaining. My favorite character is Chris Walker (Malcolm Barrett), brother of Wade Walker, because he is very funny and does things you would not expect people to do. My favorite scene is when Wade accidentally drinks Grace's mother "shroom juice" and starts hallucinating at the Moby Dick Festival. Then he begins to argue with Judge Peeples because he thinks he is insulting him while he is giving a speech. They start fighting and Wade passes out. This is so hilarious and kept me laughing!

Writer and first-time Director Tina Gordon Chism (Drum Line) and Tyler Perry (Good Deeds, Madea's Witness Protection) present great humor about families coming together. "Peeples" also stars comedian and actor, David Alan Grier who gives us a lot to laugh about.

There are a lot of great lessons and messages in this film. One is to always be open with whatever problems you may have so that you can get help. Another is to always be yourself no matter what people think about you.

"Peeples" is rated PG-13 and I recommend it to ages 13 to adults. Please be aware that it does have some content that is not suitable for younger viewers. I give this film 5 out of 5 stars. It's very enjoyable; the cinematography is great and has an exciting climax. It has tons of comedy and keeps me laughing.

Laugh with your family and have a great time enjoying "Peeples."

Reviewed by Brianna B., age 13, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic

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Sparks fly when Wade Walker crashes the Peeples annual reunion in the Hamptons to ask for their precious daughter Grace's hand in marriage.
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