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What to know: An excellent 3D adventure comedy that teaches life lessons to all viewers.
Recommended age 5-13
102 minutes
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If you want to enjoy an excellent 3D adventure comedy experience, then EPIC is the movie for you! The story involves the adventures of a smart and stubborn 17-year-old girl, Mary Katherine, who goes by the name M.K. M.K. returns to her childhood home to connect with her strange father, Professor Bomba, only to find him talking non-stop about unseen people who live in the woods. As she is about to return home, fed up with her visit and angry at her father, she is magically sent into this unseen world, and soon becomes involved in this world's fight between good and evil.

My favorite character in the movie is M.K., played by Amanda Seyfried. M.K. shows great courage and intelligence when, out of nowhere, she is changed into a tiny person with the duty to save the forest from forces of destruction called the Boggans. Through her knowledge of the "big world" M.K., with her father's help, is able to help save the forest. She is also able to reconnect with her father and, in the end, realizes that he was right about so many things.

"EPIC" is very well written and the special effects showing life in a forest, as seen through 3D and from a tiny person's view, are outstanding. It makes you wonder how many other universes are there out there that might be like our own.

My favorite scene in the movie is towards the end, when M.K. has to find a way to stop the evil Boggans from taking over the forest. This, she is able to do, by jumping into her father's pocket and pulling out her dad's cellphone to make a sound that scares away the evil bats who are blocking the full moon in order to try to prevent the new queen from being born in the forest. M.K.'s bravery and courage during this scene is amazing!

The film teaches very important life lessons. It shows us that forces of good and bad are always at war. Or, as the lead warrior for the forest explains to M.K.: "We are all individuals, but we are also all interconnected," "You get what you put into things," and "We are many leaves on one tree."

I give the movie five out of five stars. It is an excellent 3D adventure comedy that teaches life lessons to all viewers. It is also a great family movie appropriate for ages six and up as there are some scary parts of the movie that I wouldn't recommend to kids under the age of six.

Reviewed by Adam C., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic (age 7)

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A teenager finds herself transported to a deep forest setting where a battle between the forces of good and the forces of evil is taking place. She bands together with a rag-tag group characters in order to save their world -- and ours. Director: Chris Wedge; Writers: Tom J. Astle, Matt Ember; Stars: Colin Farrell, Josh Hutcherson, Beyonc� Knowles
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