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If you like the kind of story where a poor girl finds out she is a beautiful princess and falls in love with a dashing young lad, then Anastasia is the movie for you! The movie Anastasia is an adventurous and romantic tale of an orphan, Anastasia (Meg Ryan), finding her family and who she really is with help from two con men Dimitri (John Cusack) and Valdimir (Kelsey Grammer).

In the beginning of this movie they show Anastasia and her beloved grandmother's back-story in Russia and their escape from the villain (trying to kill off all their family). As she is escaping with her grandmother she trips, hits her head, and loses her grasp on her grandmother's hand. She loses all memory and grows up as an orphan with only one clue of who she is: a necklace that says "Together in Paris." When Anastasia turns 18 she sets out to find her way to Paris, but with no travel Visa she must turn to Dimitri and Valdimir for help.

Together they make their way to Paris, so Dimitri and Valdimir can collect the reward money for the Princesses return, and so that Anastasia can find her family. Everything falls into place, but suddenly Dimitri wants something else than just money. He wants Anastasia's love, but she doesn't want to give it to him. So he sets back home for Russia. When the villain finds out that Anastasia is still alive he comes after her. Anastasia is trapped, when all of the sudden Dimitri comes and helps her! Please watch the rest of this film to find out the exciting end!

My favorite scene in this film is when Dimitri gets Anastasia a beautiful blue dress and they start falling for each for each other. This scene takes place on the ship to Paris. Anastasia needs some dance lessons if she will pass for the princess (which see is). To practice she must dance the waltz with Dimitri. As they're dancing, they almost kiss, but they get pulled apart. I like this scene because it is romantic and sweet.

I recommend this film for ages 8-14. Some scenes are scary, such as the last scene, or any scenes that involve the villain. I give this movie 4 out of 5 stars! So Please go check it out!

This production combines adventure, sensitivity, history, music appreciation and a strong female role model. Some Rasputin scenes are graphic and extremely frightening.
The only surviving child of the Russian Royal Family hooks up with two con men while the undead Rasputin seeks her death.
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