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What to know: It is an amazing family movie and kids will love it.
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I just watched "Monsters University" and it is an amazing prequel to Disney Pixar's classic "Monster Inc." "Monsters University" is the back-story of how Sully and Mike Wazowski became the best friends they were in "Monsters Inc." It all starts in college, from day one Mike has been a perfect student ever since he decided he wanted to be a top scarer when he grows up. That is his dream and he works hard to accomplish it. Sully, on the other hand thinks everything is going to be handed to him because he's a Sullivan and his father is the ultimate top scarer. Everything changes when both of them get kicked out of the scare program. This is when Mike and Sully must work together to prove they can be worthy of scaring. There's a surprise plot twist at the end that you'd have to watch to see what happens.

I like the concept of "Monsters University" just as the original "Monsters Inc." touched the hearts of many in 2001. However, no one really knew how they became best friends in the beginning. This is what makes the concept of this movie so interesting because of the fact that normally you would see the movie of how they met first and then see them continue their life in a sequel.

I also like the animation in this movie. Every character has its own personality and special features, as none of the monsters look exactly the same. Some have tentacles, some have more than two eyes and some monsters are scarier than others, but everyone has something in common: they all want to be a scarer. All the characters are very amazing but my favorite character is Mike Wazowski. When Mike was little, everyone always made fun of him for being too small and no one thought he would accomplish anything in life. He works hard to get into Monsters University because he is determined to succeed and in the end, he may not get what he wants but he is still happy, and that's what is important.

My favorite scene is when Mike and Sully are in the first round of the scare games and they have to race through a dark tunnel with spiky balls on the floor that make you blow up like a marshmallow. Both of them come out of the race with a puffy lip and swollen legs because they touched the spiky balls and they could barely talk. It made me laugh a lot. I recommend "Monsters University" for ages 6-14. It is an amazing family movie and kids will love it. I give this film 5 out of 5 stars so go check it out.

Everyone's favorite monsters from "Monsters Inc.", plus a few more, are back in "Monsters University." This time, instead of telling the story of what happened next, they've created a prequel to show us how the monsters first became friends and give us more insight into the characters. Mike, Sulley and the gang bring a ton of laughs to the screen as they learn how to become "scarers" and become best buddies in the process. KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Jailene A., age 13 especially loves the animation in this film, "every character has its own personality and special features, as none of the monsters look exactly the same." She was excited to see an advance screening of "Monsters University" and shares her thoughts below.
A look at the relationship between Mike and Sulley during their days at Monsters University -- when they weren't necessarily the best of friends.
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