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What to know: Pretty predictable and inappropriate for kids under 13.
Recommended age 12-18
96 minutes
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This movie is only pretty good because it is pretty predictable and isn't totally appropriate for kids. I did like it though because it has a ton of action and suspense. This movie is also 3-D which makes it even cooler because of all the action scenes.

This movie is about a guy named Nick (Ryan Rey6nolds) who has a good wife and works for the police department. He also has a good partner (he thinks) until his partner wants the gold that Nick has so he kills him. Nick then works for the Rest in Peace Department and he is paired with a new partner named Roy (Jeff Bridges) who is a cowboy. Nick and Roy have to save the world from a guy named Hayes (Kevin Bacon) who is going to build something to bring the dead back to life!

The main characters in this movie are Nick, Roy, Hayes and Julia. My favorite character is Roy because he is really cool, good at fighting and hilarious! He is so funny and is just a really weird guy. He does some things you wouldn't think he might do and it makes everyone laugh.

My favorite part in the movie is when a big fat guy gets shot in the butt with a grappling hook by Roy. He was flinging him all around and trying to kill the bad person that's technically already dead. I just thought it was really funny.

I would recommend this movie for ages 10 and up because there is a lot of violence in this movie and it is rated PG-13. It also has some stereotypes that might not be the best message for kids. All in all it was pretty funny as long as you realize that is what it is meant to be - a comedy. Reviewed by Anthony A, age 10

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A recently slain cop joins a team of undead police officers working for the Rest in Peace Department and tries to find the man who murdered him. Director: Robert Schwentke; Stars: Jeff Bridges, Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Bacon.
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